“Many academics agree that writing for publication is one of the most difficult aspects of the process of research.”

– Kramer and Libhaber, BMC Medical Education 2016

SugarApple Communications recognises that in every field of science, good writing is essential to getting funding, approval for your proposed research, and ultimately publishing your results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Many scientific documents fall short of effectively communicating often highly technical and specialised information in the appropriate style and format to intended audiences.

Scientific writing combines technical scientific information with the art of writing. Great scientists and researchers are not always great writers – it’s a fact.  The world of science, technology and medicine grows more and more competitive every day.

If you are time-poor or just struggling to start or finish your manuscript, report or proposal – we can help you.

Scientific Writing - SugarApple Communications   
Scientific Writing - SugarApple Communications
Scientific Writing - SugarApple Communications

What we can do

Each project has its own unique requirements and language nuances that need to be assessed in the context of your specific target audience.

At SugarApple Communications, we are experts at turning complex scientific, technical or medical information and data into clear and readable text that is fit for your purpose regardless of the speciality area.

We can work with you to transform your raw data or incomplete drafts into submission-ready manuscripts that communicate your ideas, analyses and discussions clearly and in a timely manner, thus increasing your chances of acceptance.

We can manage projects with multiple collaborators and authors (international or local), including coordinating and collating drafts and version control.

  • Grant proposals
  • Manuscripts, reviews, case studies, letters to the editor
  • Scientific reports and research proposals
  • Abstracts, posters and presentations

Why choose us

At SugarApple Communications we are not ghostwriters. As Certified Medical Publication Professionals (CMPP)* we adhere to relevant industry and academic standards of quality, ethics and best practice, such as Good Publication Practice for Communicating Company-Sponsored Medical Research (GPP3)*; the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and reporting guidelines where appropriate such as those collated by the EQUATOR network that enhance the transparency and quality of health research

*CMPP, Certified Medical Publication Professional; GPP3, Good Publication Practice for Communicating Company-Sponsored Medical Research; are professional accreditation and practice guidelines developed and endorsed by the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, ISMPP)

Unfog the science…ensure quality, clarity and accuracy.


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