“Data can’t speak for itself; it’s up to you to give it a voice. Try to speak truthfully.”

Ronald H. Coase

When evaluating a manuscript or grant application a reviewer must identify the research question and determine whether the methodology is sound and likely to generate meaningful results.

If you have presented results, are they correctly interpreted and your conclusions appropriate?

At SugarApple Communications, we believe that it is imperative that these elements are clearly and accurately presented.

Study design, sample size, analytical methods and correct interpretation of statistical estimates are important to any research regardless of the field of study.

Statistical Review - SugarApple Communications
Statistical Review - SugarApple Communications
Statistical Review - SugarApple Communications

We can review your manuscript, proposal or report to ensure that:

  • Your study design is relevant to clearly stated study aims and a priori hypotheses
  • Your sample size and power calculations are justified
  • The study population is appropriate and relevant to the study question
  • Your statistical analysis and data presentation are appropriate to study design and aims
  • There is transparency and concordance between recruited versus analysed samples
  • Your interpretation of point estimates and p-values are accurate
  • Your discussion addresses study limitations, sources of bias and validity issues
  • Conclusions and generalizability of findings are justified

Why choose us

At SugarApple Communications we have specific expertise in biostatistics and data analysis.  We also have experience as grant reviewers and as journal peer-reviewers, and we know what reviewers look for in assessing your written document.

We can review your material and discuss your needs if you require additional statistical or analytical support.

Unfog the science…ensure quality, clarity and accuracy.


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