Scientific communicators with strategic insight are invaluable

Effective marketing programs rely on communication elements that are well-researched, precisely targeted, accurate and insightful that can engage your audience. Creating the right content that demonstrates that you truly understand the needs and issues facing your customers and influencers are critical…and this is where we excel.

In today’s markets consumers are more demanding and regulatory requirements are often more stringent.  Highly scientific, technical or clinical customers demand high-quality copy and impactful communications materials.

Commercial Services - SugarApple Communications
Commercial Services - SugarApple Communications
Commercial Services - SugarApple Communications

What makes us different…

SugarApple Communications is a small company of dedicated and highly skilled professionals. We can understand the data and technical aspects of your product, as well as the commercial and regulatory landscape.

We aim to work in partnership with you to provide a personalised service tailored to your needs and internal company structure. We combine our specialised scientific communications skills with our technical capability, attention to detail and commercial and strategic acumen.

We will tailor the technical information on product to reach your target audience whether they are specialists or the general public. We will help you ensure that your key messages are communicated in a way that builds trust, provides value and resonates with your customers.

Being small has advantages

  • We can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently
  • You’ll never face the abyss between senior pitch teams and the junior delivery teams
  • We have the technical capability to understand  your product and its supporting data
  • We will deliver on time every time
  • We are agile and cost effective
  • We care about the quality and accuracy of our work
  • We do not offer pre-designed proprietary programs that have little relevance to your product
  • We offer a broad range of scientific and technical expertise across a range of therapeutic and scientific fields.

Unfog the science…ensure quality, clarity and accuracy.



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