SugarApple Communications combines specialised scientific communications skills with technical capability, attention to detail, commercial awareness, and specific regulatory requirements to produce material that is compelling and precise, yet evidence-based and code-compliant (where required).

We assess your needs and objectives and ensure that we understand your product, your market / target customers and the outcomes you are aiming for in order to ensure that we achieve the results you need.

We work best in partnership with your strategic / tactical delivery team to ensure that programs or material delivered meets all your clear objectives, is of the highest quality, on time and in a cost effective manner. We will work with you to ensure it is 100% what you need.

SugarApple Communications will also communicate directly with external stakeholders, opinion leaders or influencers on your behalf, should you require us to do so.

Strategic Communications - SugarApple Communications
Strategic Communications - SugarApple Communications

How we can help

  • Distillation of technical information for target audiences
  • Presentation and slide resources
  • Competitor reports and analysis
  • Background research
  • Conference presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Internal and training documents
  • Strategic planning
  • Opinion leader liaison
  • Advisory boards

Why choose us

SugarApple Communications has worked within regulatory environments around the world (UK, US, UK and Australia) from Global to Local. We have experience within many scientific areas as well as clinical therapeutic areas, animal health, infant nutrition and medical devices.

Unfog the science…ensure quality, clarity and accuracy.


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